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CRI 23'
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          We are team 6547 the Cobalt Colts, a community team from Overland Park, KS. We have 15 teammates from 4 different high schools throughout the Blue Valley School District. We consider ourselves to be a neighborhood team. We currently meet in an empty office space that we are renting, and are able to accomplish lots despite our less-than-professional workshop. Our team is completely student inspired, and every single person on our team brings something unique and special.

          Ever since becoming a neighborhood team, we have taken pride in our initiatives to spread STEM and FIRST programs throughout our community--specifically across our home state of Kansas. We have developed partnerships with many local companies and fellow FIRST teams, which have enabled us to open up our projects to a much larger group of people. 

On the Field



2022- 2023

2021 - 2022

World Championship, Houston, TX:

17th in Franklin

41st in Global OPR
High Score: 297

Regional Championship:

Winning Alliance 1st Pick

THINK Award 3rd Place​

High Score: 311 (Kansas Record)

Dean's List International Finalist:

Shishir Vargheese

League Championship:

INSPIRE Award Winner

Winning Alliance 1st Pick

High Score: 245

Dean's List MO/KS Semifinalist:

Bridget O'Donnell

Meet 3:

High Score: 189

Meet 2:

High Score: 122

Meet 1:

High Score: 134

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2020 - 2021

2019 - 2020

World Championship, Houston, TX:

Qualified, Cancelled due to COVID-19

Dean's List International Winner:

Lance Philgreen

State Championship:

INSPIRE Award Winner

COMPASS Award Winner

PROMOTE Award 2nd Place

9th Place, 225 High Score

Dean's List International Finalist:

Elizabeth Crocker

League Championship:

INSPIRE Award Winner

2nd Place, 189 High Score

Remote Meets:

Week 1 -- 1st Place, 130 High Score

Week 2 -- 1st Place, 144 High Score

Week 3 -- 1st Place, 153 High Score

Week 6 -- 1st Place, 165 High Score

Week 9 -- 2nd Place, 177 High Score

3D Rendering TRANSPARENT.png

World Championship, Houston, TX:

Qualified, Cancelled due to COVID-19

State Championship:

INSPIRE Award 2nd Place

DESIGN Award Winner

PROMOTE Award 3rd Place

COMPASS Award Winner


INSPIRE Award Winner

5/5 Record in Qualification

2nd Place after Qualification

Meet 2:

5/5 Record

2nd Place


Meet 1:

5/5 Record

1st Place


2022 - 2023


2021 - 2022

Walkin' and Rollin Halloween Costume

Trunk or Treat @ Grace Church

Hosting KC Cobalt Colts Meet

Electric Car for LEARN Geek and Kids

Hosted a Scrimmage @ HQ

Assisting ANY Team at Competitions 

Comic-Con 2021

FTC Mentoring Blue Valley and Blue Valley

Southwest Teams

Ultimate Goal.png

2020 - 2021

COVID-19 Public Service Announcements

COVID-19 Face Shields and 3D Printers

Walkin' and Rollin' Halloween Costume

Heartland STEM Inc. 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

FTC Mentoring @ BVSW, BVNW, and BVN

#FIRSTFFC Initiative

FIRST Innovation Challenge Semifinalists

STEM Kits for Vibrant Health

Virtual Connections to the FIRST Community

Game Logos Light Blue2.png

2019 - 2020

Walkin' and Rollin Halloween Costume

Kansas STEM United 501c3 Nonprofit

goBilda Basic Drivetrain Build Guide

FTC Mentoring @ BVSW and BVNW

Geeks vs Geeks​

LEGO Summer Camp Robot Demos

STEM Camps with Short Circuit Robotics

Hosting a Scrimmage at HQ

Trunk or Treat @ RMDH

Assisting FTC Rookies at Competitions

FIRST Competition Volunteering

STEM Night at Valley Park Elementary

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