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          We are team 6547 the Cobalt Colts, a community team from Overland Park, KS. We have 15 teammates from 4 different high schools throughout the Blue Valley School District. We consider ourselves to be a neighborhood team. We currently meet in an empty office space that we are renting, and are able to accomplish lots despite our less-than-professional workshop. Our team is completely student inspired, and every single person on our team brings something unique and special.

          Ever since becoming a neighborhood team, we have taken pride in our initiatives to spread STEM and FIRST programs throughout our community--specifically across our home state of Kansas. We have developed partnerships with many local companies and fellow FIRST teams, which have enabled us to open up our projects to a much larger group of people. 

On the Field


2021 - 2022


World Championship, Houston, TX:

17th in Franklin

41st in Global OPR
High Score: 297

Regional Championship:

Winning Alliance 1st Pick

THINK Award 3rd Place

High Score: 311 (Kansas Record)

Dean's List International Finalist:

Shishir Vargheese

League Championship:

INSPIRE Award Winner

Winning Alliance 1st Pick

High Score: 245

Dean's List MO/KS Semifinalist:

Bridget O'Donnell

Meet 3:

High Score: 189

Meet 2:

High Score: 122

Meet 1:

High Score: 134


2020 - 2021

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World Championship, Houston, TX:

Qualified, Cancelled due to COVID-19

Dean's List International Winner:

Lance Philgreen

State Championship:

INSPIRE Award Winner

COMPASS Award Winner

PROMOTE Award 2nd Place

9th Place, 225 High Score

Dean's List International Finalist:

Elizabeth Crocker

League Championship:

INSPIRE Award Winner

2nd Place, 189 High Score

Remote Meets:

Week 1 -- 1st Place, 130 High Score

Week 2 -- 1st Place, 144 High Score

Week 3 -- 1st Place, 153 High Score

Week 6 -- 1st Place, 165 High Score

Week 9 -- 2nd Place, 177 High Score


2019 - 2020

Instagram Story 2.png

World Championship, Houston, TX:

Qualified, Cancelled due to COVID-19

State Championship:

INSPIRE Award 2nd Place

DESIGN Award Winner

PROMOTE Award 3rd Place

COMPASS Award Winner


INSPIRE Award Winner

5/5 Record in Qualification

2nd Place after Qualification

Meet 2:

5/5 Record

2nd Place


Meet 1:

5/5 Record

1st Place

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Walkin' and Rollin Halloween Costume

Trunk or Treat @ Grace Church

Hosting KC Cobalt Colts Meet

Electric Car for LEARN Geek and Kids

Hosted a Scrimmage @ HQ

Assisting ANY Team at Competitions 

Comic-Con 2021

FTC Mentoring Blue Valley and Blue Valley Southwest Teams

Ultimate Goal.png

COVID-19 Public Service Announcements

COVID-19 Face Shields and 3D Printers

Walkin' and Rollin' Halloween Costume

Heartland STEM Inc. 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

FTC Mentoring @ BVSW, BVNW, and BVN

#FIRSTFFC Initiative

FIRST Innovation Challenge Semifinalists

STEM Kits for Vibrant Health

Virtual Connections to the FIRST Community

Game Logos Light Blue2.png

Walkin' and Rollin Halloween Costume

Kansas STEM United 501c3 Nonprofit

goBilda Basic Drivetrain Build Guide

FTC Mentoring @ BVSW and BVNW

Geeks vs Geeks​

LEGO Summer Camp Robot Demos

STEM Camps with Short Circuit Robotics

Hosting a Scrimmage at HQ

Trunk or Treat @ RMDH

Assisting FTC Rookies at Competitions

FIRST Competition Volunteering

STEM Night at Valley Park Elementary

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