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goBilda Basic Bot Guide

Hello there! We are FIRST Tech Challenge Team 6547--the Cobalt Colts--from Overland Park, Kansas. Last season (2019-2020 FTC Skystone), our team noticed that FIRST has made publicly available instruction manuals for some older build systems. Our team is taking steps to mentor and support new STEM, FIRST, and FTC programs within the state of Kansas and abroad. We know that many new teams may not know how to get started with robotic construction, so we wanted to provide an extra resource for the teams we are mentoring directly, along with many more teams who may find this build guide useful. goBilda (based in Kansas), provided us a goBilda Master FTC Kit which we used to write this build guide for goBilda. Since we are familiar with goBilda parts, and plan to teach new teams how to use goBilda’s building system, this was a perfect opportunity for us. As a team, we have collectively put in hours of building, computer designing, programming, drive-testing, documentation, and organization to produce this build guide, and we hope that your team/organization will find this build guide useful as you begin your journey in FTC! With that said, Happy Building!


Click Here to Download a Copy of the Drivetrain Build Guide!

Using just:

  • 1 goBilda Master FTC Kit

  • 1 REV Expansion Hub

  • 1 REV Switch Assembly

YOU can build a functioning drivetrain!

Cover Page.jpg
Ultimate Goal.png

goBilda Game-Specific Guide

For the new season of FTC, 2020-2021 ULTIMATE GOAL, we decided to design a game-specific addition to the basic bot drivetrain. This arm can grab rings off of the playing surface and deposit them into the low tower goal. A horizontal bar is also added to the robot, which enables it to push the wobble goal around the field as well. All the parts for this addition come from what is left in the goBilda Master FTC Kit after the drivetrain is constructed, so no extra purchases are required! Download a copy of the instruction manual below!

Click Here to Download a Copy of the

Game-Specific Build Guide!

Game-Specific Cover.jpg
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