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Start a LEGO Team!

Last year our team helped start 10 new FIRST LEGO League teams, and we'd like to help YOU start a team this year. We'll connect you with other local parents who have teams to learn how they got going, where their team meets, how they got funding, and how to have an amazing time learning as a team.

There are 3 kinds of LEGO teams:

1. FLL "Discover" for ages 4-6. Let's have fun and build!

2. FLL "Explore" for ages 6-10. Let's have fun and compete a little!

3. FLL "Challenge" for ages 9-16. Let's have fun, built complex robots, and compete with other teams

Teams meet in parents' homes, school classrooms, libraries, etc.

Use our contact info below and we'll connect you with local resources to get your team going!

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