Medical Outreach Guide


Ready to apply for a Kansas STEM United grant? You've come to the right place! If you've read our grant application form, you understand that to receive a grant, you must partake in one medical outreach (volunteer) event. 

6547 the Cobalt Colts want to connect education, STEM, and healthcare together in an easy and supporting way. So, UnitedHealthcare and our team have decided to make sure STEM meets healthcare across all of Kansas. 

Not Sure How?

Our team has put together a process that you can copy, or simply use it to spark ideas! 

  • Find a local (medical) organization that you would be interested in working with. 

    • Our team met with Vibrant Health, an organization that ​specializes in making sure the community who often can't afford healthcare, has access to medical services. 

  • Contact this organization, explain who you are, and how you are willing to offer support.

    • Usually, organizations, such as Vibrant Health, will love having students​ come for any assistance or activity needed. You can either tell the organization you can help out in any way, or have a plan that you want to pitch. 

    • One of our teammates came up with an event called "Get your shot, Drive our bot!". This was inspired by her fear of shots, and love for robots. We gave the pitch to Vibrant Health, who were extremely excited to get this started. 

  • Begin steps to organizing the event

    • Our team had about three or four meetings with Vibrant Health to set up ​our event, which switched from "Get your shot, Drive our bot!" to "Science and Health Fair". ADAPT to the organization's needs. The purpose of this medical outreach requirement is to have STEM students supporting healthcare more.

    • For our "Science and Health Fair", kids will get to drive our new and previous robots, take-home LEGO kits, and receive more information about FIRST, our robotics platform. The event can vary from STEM activities to simply volunteering. Whatever is best for the organization.

  • Take pictures!!!!!

    • Taking pictures is always beneficial! Make sure it is all right with the organization first, then try to capture however you can and want to. Please send these pictures to our team ( or tag us on social media (@FTC6547). 

  • Don't hesitate to ask questions!

    • Feel free to contact our team at any point in time, we are more than happy to help! Contact information is at the bottom of the page.​




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