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Heartland STEM:
Grant Guide

Are you a high school STEM club or organization? A teacher who wants to encourage STEM in the classroom? A mentor who wants to support high school STEM activities?  Heartland STEM is here for you!

We want to support you in increasing STEM within the community through our financial support sponsored by UnitedHealthcare. Through our umbrella 501c3 organization, we have already reached hundreds of programs and teachers in the Midwest!

How Can I Apply for a Grant?

There are two grant proposals:

  • STEM Organization Grant

  • STEM Teacher Grant

STEM Organization Grant:

This grant it intended for STEM organizations (teams, clubs, etc.) to get started or be benefited. This grant is an initial $500, with an additional matching fund of $1,000.

STEM Teacher Grant:

KS STEM United wants to encourage STEM in the classroom. This grant is open to teachers benefiting grades 6th-12th with a STEM activity. Teachers who apply are eligible for up to $200 from KS STEM United!

To  Apply  for  These  Grants  Head  Over  to  Heartland  STEM  Website  and  Fill  out  the  Application  Form! 

Heartland STEM Website:

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